The United States of America loves its charities and the various causes that the warm people of it stand for. According to the IRS there are more than 1.5 million nonprofit charities currently functioning across the country. All of these charity organizations have one purpose; to do good work and make a difference in our society. Out of these, you want to find out what cause appeals to you and what charity would be best to donate to. Tough job I should say but there are a few factors that can help you decide rather quickly upon the same subject.

1. Affiliation or Affinity

You can start by giving to a charity that you’re connected to or feel more related to. This can be your art club or a church in your neighborhood where you go to regularly. Even the physical closeness to your choice of charity would determine your bend towards supporting it eventually. You also want to be able to see how they aim to make an actual difference in the society.

2. A Cause You Care About

The best charity to donate to for you would be the one that works for something that you strongly believe in or stand by at all times. Before giving to a charity of your choice you need to ascertain that the cause they are working for or the passion areas they are dedicated to find common ground with your ideology. For example you would be much more inclined to help out a charity for cancer patients if you have seen a family member or a close friend battle the sickness. That would be the best charity for you to donate to.